Why Is This Sexist, Bad Design Still in Use?

Cheryl Swanson
Founder and Managing Partner

I try to be optimistic in these musings, but when I read this Fast Co. article on 8/26/21, I was shocked and had to say something. It is called “10,000 Women Die in Car Crashes Every Year Because of Bad Design”. “While more men are likely to cause crashes, women are more likely to die in them.” Why? Because the American auto industry tests with male crash test dummies ONLY for full frontal crashes. Why is that? Because most of the people designing and producing cars are men and while they are not consciously trying to kill off women, women are an after-thought. This is appalling. AND, the regulators in this country have known about this situation for over 40 years, but have done nothing about it. Now, there is a provision embedded in a House of Representatives bill requiring crash dummies to truly represent females. Let’s hope it passes!!! ⁠

There needs to be design for women to save our lives on the roads.⁠

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