What's the New Rhythm of Daily Life?

Cheryl Swanson
Founder and Managing Partner

The aspiration: the rhythm of our biology versus the pace of our technology.⁠

Pre-Pandemic, the rhythm of daily life was more like survival of the fastest. Whoever could do more, fit more in, won. Forget multi-tasking, that era was all about hyper-tasking. Then COVID hit, we were sequestered in our homes and we SLOWED WAY DOWN! No chauffeuring kids, no commuting, no running to meetings, then running to the gym, etc. etc. etc. Home-schooling kids while trying to work from the dining room table was no easy feat, but what the Pandemic did do for us was get us out for walks in nature and have family dinners every night around that dining room table. The connections to family created lasting bonds and being outside ensured more serenity. As we open up, these two things, with their calmer, more humane rhythms, are the two things’ people want to hang on to.⁠

What’s your rhythm?⁠

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