What's the New Hygge? (part 2)

Cheryl Swanson
Founder and Managing Partner


The concept comes from Japan, where it is deeply engrained in culture, and is a word formed from two roots: life and worth (value). Much like hygge, it emphasizes everyday qualities of happiness, but rather than a focus on the now, ikigai is more broadly forward-directed, with a motivational focus. According to author Yukari Mitsuhashi, “whatever gets you up in the morning is your ikigai”.⁠

And as with hygge (as well as yesterday’s discussion of skogluft), ikigai is an idea of mindfulness, of living in and enjoying the present moment in all its fullness and significance. The personal benefits of all these practices are one thing, but they extend into the external world in our appreciation and understanding of how each of us affects friends, work environment, and the planet as a whole.⁠

What is your ikigai?⁠

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