What's the New Aspirational State of Being?

Cheryl Swanson
Founder and Managing Partner

Comfort, comfort, comfort. 

We aspire to physical, mental and emotional comfort in all things after a year plus of Pandemic panic. We want fashion that is non-restrictive, relaxed and…you got it…comfortable from head to toe. We want the comfort of knowing we are no longer isolated as we were for so long…the comfort of seeing family and friends live and in person so we can give and receive hugs, laugh and generally be the social creatures we are meant to be. Employers are recognizing this need for post-Pandemic comfort as well, allowing people to choose the work approach (home, in-office or combination of the two) that makes them the most comfortable so they can do their best work. The success gurus say that nothing magical happens in the comfort zone… I agree that conquering our fears and moving beyond complacent comfort leads to success, but right now we need a zone of comfort to re-enter the world with vibrance and thrive.

Are you feeling comfortable?

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