What's New with Men?

Cheryl Swanson
Founder and Managing Partner

Men’s beauty! Skincare, body care and make-up.⁠

The Pandemic inspired all of us to take better care of ourselves and our skin. This includes men regardless of age, occupation or orientation. Skincare and make-up are becoming essentials in the male bathroom. New male make-up entrants include Blur Stick concealer from professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez and Crete, a unisex nail polish line, from Rapper Lil Yachty. Established brands are focusing on men too. “Estée Lauder is funding men’s make-up startup Faculty – modern grooming for the new masculinity. Announced in June, the brand quickly sold out of their nail polish and nail stickers for men.” * Boy de Chanel is a line of skincare, makeup and nail polish dedicated to men and has three looks: Simple, Well Groomed and Expert. The nail colors are currently black and natural, but I’ve seen guys wearing a variety of colors from teal to yellow (Yeah and that’s in Stamford, CT…not really the bastion of leading-edge make-up trends). ⁠

Imagine the possibilities!!!!⁠

*Source: Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, 6/28/2021⁠

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