What Is Great Brand Design?

Cheryl Swanson
Founder and Managing Partner

It’s a huge question for sure, but one thing great brand design ISN’T is subjective. Great brand design is about anchoring its sensory profile (look, sound, plus taste, scent and feel if relevant) in a strong business strategy. This foundational business strategy needs to take into consideration the cultural context and emotional desires of the audience. Great brand design also respects the hierarchy of human senses (Day 75); 1. Sight 2. Hearing 3. Taste 4. Smell 5. Touch. Since we are a sight driven species (unlike our pets who have uncanny senses of hearing and smell) great brand design also respects the hierarchy of visual memory: 1. Color 2. Shape/Symbol 3. Numbers and last, Words and uses colors and symbols strategically, not subjectively. ⁠

Does your brand have great design?⁠

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