Speaking of Sustainability...

Craig Swanson
Creative Director

Anne Marie Mohan at Packaging World has just written an interesting listicle on "15 Sustainable Packaging Innovations to Watch", and quite a few of them are doozies. Everything from the expected (but still not mainstream enough) bioplastics from seaweed to space and weight savings via dried (water-activated) goods to novel uses of waste materials, such as creating paper packaging from cacao bean byproducts. Biodegradeability is, of course, a key concern in all matters related to packaging as well as the shipping of goods, so it's encouraging to see so many companies large and small putting significant resources toward these issues. I was especially excited to see our client Gillette, the male grooming brand, has switched from plastic to new recyclable paper packaging across its core razor range.

These are fascinating and exciting developments, all. And it's not out of place here to recommend you take an hour and watch David Attenborough's astonishing clarion call to our world, in A Life On Our Planet, available on Netflix.

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