Design Feeling vs Design Thinking

Cheryl Swanson
Founder and Managing Partner

In celebration of our multi-sensory humanity, design is evolving to “design feeling”; an approach that takes into account all of our five senses called neuroaesthetics or neuroarts. At the Fast Company Innovation Festival last week a panel was convened to talk about this nascent approach. A marriage of science and the arts, neuroaesthestics uses bio-sensors to gauge how our bodies react to design elements of color, texture, shape and sound. While designers have always organically focused on the emotional responses of their work, this approach actually can track and isolate how our bodies are reacting to specific designs. Neuroarts has interesting implications for the future: imagine designing office spaces in this manner; with visual, tactile, olfactory and aural aspects all taken into consideration. Beats the hell out of gray office cubicles. ⁠

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