Bumble Bee Buzzes with New Packaging Strategy

Craig Swanson
Creative Director

Bumble Bee's CEO Jan Tharp appears on Packaging World's podcast to outline how they "decommoditize the commodity", a relevant topic for many consumer packaged goods. This is another way of identifying the market ownership position that is key to brand strength and relevance. She also outlines some of the benefits of seafood as a category, something we at Toniq are deeply aware of and involved with as a recent naming project was in this space, highlighting issues of sustainability, traceability, and the health benefits of premium protein across all generations. She also notes their partnerships in raising the profile not only of culinary appeal, but also going beyond wild-caught seafood into plant-based alternatives, as other protein sectors have done.

You can listen to the 5-minute podcast here.

The Unpacked Podcast on Packaging World

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