Brand Revitalization


Changes in consumer preferences and tastes, the emergence of new competitors, or a shifting cultural trend landscape may create the need for re-energizing your brand’s communications to stay relevant. This reinvigoration can be as minimal as tweaks to the brand story for more clarity or a more complete brand repositioning depending upon the state of your brand.


Taking stock of associations consumers have with the brand (positive and negative) and uncover what their ideal brand “looks” like. Using symbolic projective research (online or in-person — utilizing drawing, writing, and image sorting exercises), we understand consumer’s deep feelings about the brand. Followed by a thorough assessment of how the brand needs to be “tuned-up”.


  • Symbolic Projective Research with Consumers
  • Brand and Competitive Audit
  • Trend Landscape Deep Dive
  • Brand Narrative Optimization
    - Verbal
    - Visual
  • Actionable Creative Brief 

case studies

Rather than a "new truck features" story, we reinforced the consumer's desire for "Togetherness through Road Adventures" reflecting their use of the truck as a catalyst for  special bonding moments.

Refocused the brand to leverage the consumer's desire for "Everyday Magic" in their Ghirardelli moments.

Tuned up Hunt's to focus on "Enriching What Matters" with consumers, which reinforced their love of time spent with family and friends.