Naming can sometimes be a haphazard approach using “friends + family” developed options or the hard-to-say and remember algorithm or AI-developed alternatives. Names should codify your brand promise in a memorable, “human” manner but these inefficient (yet popular) approaches usually do not get the job done. 


Toniq’s NameDrop brand naming process gives you strategic, human-driven name development based on a deep understanding of your brand category and the cultural forces that shape understanding. The result? A rich, focused set of name candidates for brand success.


  • Creative Platforms for Name Development 
  • Robust Master List of Name Candidates
  • Top Recommendations with Strategic Rationale
  • Availability Research (“soft-vetting” or deep dive)

Church & Dwight – Trojan Division Gillette Fusion and Gillette ProGlide GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Products Venus Razor Line Extensions

Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection
Lipton PureLeaf
P&G, Household Products and Beauty Divisions Pepsi Beverages