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Serving The World's Greatest Brands Since 1999

What We Do

Laser-Focused Alignment Connecting Brands with their Audiences

Case Studies

Realign your brand with consumer lifestyles and cultural relevance to refine and refocus its true value.

Case Studies

We deliver semiotic insights, design trends, and visual guidelines to inspire your stakeholders and wow your consumers.

Case Studies

Personify your brand with dynamic, unique, and intriguing names that capture consumer desires and bring them to life.

Case Studies

Color studies for product, packaging, and overall brand image from now to 3-5 years out.

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Synchronize Your Brand With Your Consumer

Many brands struggle to align marketing and design with consumer needs. We develop robust brand positioning visual guidelines, supported by cultural trends and consumer qualitative research, to powerfully focus these strategic goals. When your brand’s visual language is in sync with its story, you’re empowered by informed decisions that send product sales soaring.

Happy Clients!

“Toniq is brilliant at discovering and defining the true voice of a brand. Their unique approach infuses a new energy into the expression of a brand at every level. Their deep knowledge of social anthropology, symbolism, and global trends has proven invaluable to our company.”
– Global Design Lead, Beauty, Procter & Gamble
“Toniq curated outstanding female millennial trends, then translated them into insightful positioning that inspires women.
– Innovation Director, Trojan
“What impressed me most about the Toniq approach is Emotion, Credibility, Logic: the three essential elements to success. Toniq is successful because they are really smart and put their heart into their work.”
– CEO, Traditional Medicinals
“Toniq is a star! They're able to bring valuable and actionable insights respecting the consumer and their perceptions of our brands that have helped guide our marketing and design efforts.”
– Global Design Lead, ConAgra
"Toniq is an asset to any brand that needs to invent or reinvent itself. We would recommend that you take note, listen to what they say, and have the conviction to implement the strategy they craft for you."
– Partner/Creative Director, United DSN

Success: 1-2-3 !

Marketing and design teams often do not have actionable consumer insights and inspirational brand guidelines, which can lead to ambiguity and inefficiency in the development process. Having these details, on the other hand, focuses alignment between your strategic and creative teams.

Our process ends the frustration and subjective decision-making that can block progress or needlessly extend development timelines. And here's how to start:

Our team meets your team (hello!)

We draft a proposal and discuss

Together we kick off the next stage in your brand journey

About Us

Toniq has been serving the greatest brands in the world since 1999, helping them align their vision and communications to send their success and sales soaring. We’d love to share in your vision too.

Cheryl Swanson picture

Cheryl Swanson

Prior to founding Toniq in 1999, Cheryl worked in the worlds of cultural trends, brand strategy, and design. Building from her background in anthropology, sociology, and cultural study, she pioneered several methods for understanding the inner workings of brands and how to bring them to life in a meaningful manner for consumers – namely, visual positioning, brand semiotics, and symbolic projection research. She launched Toniq in 1999 to bring these disciplines together “under one roof” to solve brand reinvention, naming, and semiotic issues for companies like Gillette, Pepsi, Pepsi-Lipton, Colgate-Palmolive, Traditional Medicinals, and many more. Her passion is brand reinvention, and she loves working to solve marketers’ issues in ways that truly connect people to their brands.

Cheryl Swanson picture

Craig Swanson

Having worked as Creative Director for several online brands, Craig joined Toniq soon after its founding to bring an added dimension of discovery to its methodologies and accelerated creativity to its output. Craig’s wide-ranging creativity brings beyond-the-box thinking to strategic territories and an aesthetic understanding to semiotic insights. While brilliant in design, he also has a background in dramatic writing, music composition and performance, and theatre, which all help translate strategy into creative guideposts agencies use to bring a brand to life. Craig pioneered Toniq’s naming process, which is a bespoke, human-driven (vs. AI driven) process for getting the right name fit for each client. His clients have included Gillette, Church & Dwight, Dunhill Watches, Nestle, Taylor-Made Golf, and many more.

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