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Beano Dubble...No Gas Chocolate Easter Egg?

What's Beano Dubble? The name definitely caught my attention and I had to do a double take on the product. Well, it's not what you think. This is an example that proves that products may not always translate globally...or in this case, even across the good old Atlantic pond between the UK and the U.S. In the U.S., what do you think of when you hear the name Beano? A pill to stop gas, right? 


Well, Beano Dubble is actually an Easter collaboration between Dubble chocolate bars and Beano comics in the UK.


In the UK, Beano is one of the longest running comic strips and comic books that is touted as a classic. 


And Dubble is a fair trade chocolate bar.


So whenever you launch a product, make sure you do your research on the market, culture, language, and consumer. Otherwise, words can easily be misinterpreted. Good thing this is a limited product for the UK! I can just imagine the spoofs and the jokes it would endure here in the U.S. market.


Brainstorming Carnival-Style!

The Toniqettes go to work, holding a brainstorming session on a ferris wheel! And why not? To think outside the box, get inside the circle.

[Note to ride operator: You've got some of the best brand minds in the business on that little pony, treat 'em with care!]

Thanks to ToysRUs!


Infographic Of The Day: The Blessing And Curse Of Being A Millennial

Fast Co. introduced this infographic by Online Graduate Programs today. Here at Toniq, we've been entrenched in the Millennial generation and it seems as though the whole world is talking about us. Yup, I'm guilty of being part of the "tech-savy, sharing-obsessed and independent" bunch of rascles (resulting in being the Millennial representative in the office!) 

While everyone has their own theory on putting us in a box we just don't want to check, this infrographic does a good job at summing up the data...I especially enjoy the use of the word "OUR"...the "we" generation is making its mark. 





BMW Guggenheim Lab (NY)

If you are in New York this month, check out this innovative interactive exploration into the minds and lives of the people in urban areas. This exploration will travel to 9 cities in 6 years, launching today in New York. The first 2 years will focus on Confronting Comfort

"Part urban think tank, part community center and public gathering space, the Lab is conceived to inspire public discourse in cities around the world and through the BMW Guggenheim Lab website and online social communities.

The public is invited to attend and to participate in free programs and experiments at the Lab. In addition, the BMW Guggenheim Lab website and social communities provide opportunities for participants around the world to engage with and to contribute to the ideas and experiments generated by the Lab."

To fin out more, click on the images above.