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NFL Logos Reimagined As Hipsters


It's that time of year again, the Superbowl is less than 2 weeks away. There are 2 teams standing and preparing to match off in the big game while the rest of the NFL is vacationing on some sunny island with their wives, girlfreinds, wives and girlfriends, and kids.

Artist, Dave Rappoccio, spends his time creating The Draw Play as a "labor of love by a nerdy football fan who needs something to do during the offseason". So here's just a few NFL logos as hipsters...



Mobile Scent Delivery Via Gaming (video)

They've done it! Who? Pop Secret. 

Pop Dongle is a mobile phone attachment that emits the sweet-and-salty smell of popcorn as you play the brand's mobile game, Poptopia, available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game asks you to pop kernels, and everytime you swipe the butter inside the game, the Dongle will emit a spritz of popcorn scent. How did they do it? The dongle plugs into the audio jack, so the game emits a certain frequency signalling it to go ahead and spread the smell.



The Broker Bodega: Listings Are Going Fast!

This is a hilarious Tumblr blog where the writer, @brillospad, takes everyday bodega, for you non-New Yorkers that means deli or corner store, items and writes about each one as if they were a NYC apartment listing. Here's a glimpse of a few of my favorites. 

For the whole listing, check out The Broker Bodega.


Taking Retro Gaming Too Far On The Road

Ok, this is all out nerdy Friday. I love a good retro game when it's actually a game on a console or arcade machine. But this is just too much. I can't take anymore retro game rip-offs. If I see a grown adult over the age of, uh 5, with this, I may have to gawk and laugh. 

And it's really available. This is no joke. This is the Travel Boy Carry On Luggage.

$70 and available here. But really, think twice before impulse purchasing this lugagge of laughter. 



What Your Coffee Says About You

Hmm, I'm an espresso, latte and iced coffee combo. Where does your coffee choice say about you?


Hand Gestures...What They Mean and Where You Are Matters (video)

Our hands are an important tool, for more than just typing and texting. Our hands can create symbols that mean a lot of things. Hey, some people even speak with their hands. But this isn't about the hearing or speech impaired or sign language. This is about our everyday gestures. Enjoy this fun video on  "From greetings to insults, a visual guide to hand gestures around the world from NowThis News" and The Atlantic


Dove Men Parody (video)

Last Friday we posted the viral campaign from Dove where women are asked to describe themselves to a forensic sketch artist. Ends up women have a lower self image about themselves when describing their own looks. Now, here's a great "follow-up" parody with men in the same situation. Enjoy!

(Design Taxi & Youtube)


Flowbee, Honda Style (video)

Seriously? If you know what Flowbee is, you know how crazy this is. It was uploaded to YouTube on April 1, so it's probably just a brilliant April Fools joke. Check this out...

What a great way to promote the Odyssey Touring Elite's standard HondaVAC vacuum!