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Häagen-Dazs Introduces Vegetable Ice Cream 

Häagen-Dazs Japan is introducing two new vegetable flavored ice creams on May 12 called the “Spoon Vege” series. The flavors are “Tomato Cherry” and “Carrot Orange”.

We know Japan has a slight obsession with unique flavors which in turn influences big brands to be adventurous - just browse the array of wacky Japanese snack flavors on Pinterest. So it really doesn't come as a big surprise that Häagen-Dazs is only releasing these veggie flavors in Japan. 

According to the press release (translated in part)

"The “Tomato Cherry” combines the natural sweetness of tomato with the fruity flavor of cherry, which should accentuate the rich taste of the tomato."

"The “Carrot Orange” takes the gentle flavor of carrot and adds to it the fresh citrus taste and scent of orange, giving the carrot a sophisticated and refreshing twist."

There was even a week-long Facebook campaign that slowly revealed these new "secret" flavors. 

So does this make indulging a little healthier? By the looks of it, it should. But coming from Häagen-Dazs, I'm sure it's as rich and indulgent in every bite as their other sumptuous flavors. If it catches on, maybe we'll be seeing this in the US soon. 


Japan's Ikea Monorail Takeover

Ever wonder what Ikea products would look like outside of the home or office? How about in a monorail car? To mark the opening of a new Ikea near Tokyo's Tachikawa Station, the Tama Monorail Line was decorated with Ikea furnishings and renamed the "Ikea Party Train". For two days, passengers were treated to food and drinks amidst the color crazed home furnishing takeover. 

You could almost imagine you were in your own living room; well, if your preference in interior design is for lots of colors and lots of patterns. Nonetheless, what an unexpected treat for riders this week.



Starbucks: Upside Down and Always Full

This is not 3 cups of Starbucks coffee. It's actually 3 mugs designed by Japanese firm Nendo for Starbucks - upside down. The printed bottom is reflective of the coffee company’s view of feeling ‘fulfilled, and seeing the glass as half-full, never half-empty’.  The mugs come in 3 design flavors: mug americano, mug latte and mug caramel macchiato. 

When the mugs are drying or stored upside down, they always appear full – a visual reminder to always have a positive mental attitude.

The mug collection is being sold at Starbucks Japan shops starting March 2014. 



A Sweet Shop Only For Kids In Japan

It's true! This sweet shop is only for kids 12 and under. No adults allowed. 

Located in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, Future Sweets Factory, is located on the premises of the wildly popular Patisserie es Koyama, which carries a large line of pastries and baked goods, and is particularly famous in the region for its special roll cake.

The sign reads, "no adults allowed".

Main shop entrance is on the left and the kids only shop is on the right. 


Once inside, kids are treated with samples of freshly basked sweets. They also get a special look at the manufacturing process of the baked goods, as well as a sneak peek at some new items before they go on sale in the main shop. 



According to owner and chef Mr. Susumu Koyama, his main goal in building such a space was to encourage active communication between children and their parents. After all, the only way for adults to find out what’s inside the shop is to hear everything from their children.

Brilliant! Just Brilliant! 



Creative Barcode Designs

Next time you start designing your package, think about how the often intrusive barcode could be a more eye catching element. Japanese design firm D-Barcode creates fun and brand relevant barcodes for their clients. 



Cookie Mail - One Delicious Letter At A Time


How can we keep the US Postal Service alive? Do innovative and creative things like Japan. In Japan you can send Cookie Mail. Your message is literally printed onto 35 to 70 little cookies, a letter per cookie. 


The cookies even come in 3 flavors!

Makes such a great gift! Now we just need one in the US.



Chocolate Paint

Art & Food, one of the best combinations in the world!

This is another beautiful creation from Nendo. The tube is made of chocolate and each paint is a different flavored syrup. The label tells you the flavor and acts like a wrapper.  Eat, paint, collect, savor! 


Pringles Dispenser To Keep Your Hands Clean

Only in Japan...EntreX have designed a silicon dispenser for canned Pringles. Keeps your hands clean and for those with bigger hands, this keeps you from getting your hand stuck in the can. Simple. Genius. Great stocking stuffer!