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New F.D.A Nutrition Label Design - Fail?

Does this redesign actually provide the nutritional information more clearly to consumers? Will consumers actually notice the changes? This looks like minor tweaks to a bigger problem in communication of information to consumers. This is the first redesign in over two decades.

In the world of design and the information we have on effective design strategies is communication, there could have been a more effective redesign. This is lackluster. Perhaps the government should have had U.S. agencies pitch their designs. I think there would be a flood of more creative and effective ways of communicating the same information. Designs that would excite consumers to look and learn. 

For more information, check out the NYTimes article


Nature's Packaging Offers Great Communication Space

Never underestimate what nature gives us. In this case, it's a banana and the banana peel. Where there is space, there's room for a message. And this is such a great way to get children to eat healthier. 

In partnership with fruit brand Fyffes and comic publishing powerhouse Carlsen Verlag—the creators of Peanuts—Munich-based ad agency Serviceplan launched the fun and creative “Banana Comic Week 2013” campaign to get children to eat more healthily. 



It's Not People

I thought at first this was a joke, but no! It's the real thing! Only it's not green and it's not people. I'm not sure if it would be better if one or both were true. But more than a few people seem to be interested in it, if the funding is any indicator. In the meantime, I'm going to go look up the antonym for "foodie".



Music While You Swim

I've heard of cheekbone "earphones" before, of course, but never thought of the utility of using them while you swim. The fine folks at FINIS don't share my limited imagination, however, and a very good thing too. As long as there are no children or sharks in the pool, I think these look great.

[Via Gizmodo]


Kombucha Dog

Some of you are thinking "huh?". Or maybe, "oh, some fermented tea and a hot dog?". Well, Kombucha Dog is fermented tea and the "Dog" part is a clever strategy to help get local dogs in need of a home adopted. Good cause, great design, healthy drink! 

Besides the healthy, organic, raw, hand pressed goodness, every dog on the bottle is a local (Los Angeles area) dog that is currently in need of a home. And as you can see from the beautiful dog portraits on the label, Michael, the founder was a commercial photographer turned kombucha producer. Each dog has it's own page on the website under "Adopt K-Dogs".  If these dogs don't get you to try kombucha, I'm not sure what will. 

They are a hyper-local brewery and product so all you LA people, go show some love and help find these dogs a home while you're getting all this probiotic goodness.  


Measuring Heart + WILL Power

GigaOm's Kevin Tofel tells us a skeptic's story of UnderArmour's new fitness strap. For myself, I'll keep a more open mind. That might do a better job of measuring my willpower!

Via GigaOm


What 2000 Calories Looks Like (video)

The FDA recommends consuming 2000 calories a day and bases nutrional labelling on this. But really? Most people do not need to consume 2000 calories a day. Here's a fun video at what 2000 calories looks like. 

I'd have to go with bacon and carrots!

(Thanks Buzzfeed!)


STILLMOTION, Because Yoga Mats Matter

STILLMOTION is a project that Toniq's Craig Swanson worked on a while back. He's the man behind the name, STILLMOTION. A most appropriate name for an innovative yoga mat designed to provide a stable foundation.  There are grip-zones designed to help your pose and improve strength and stability. Check it out here, STILLMOTION