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Dupé, Pop-Up Shop Sells Bottled Organic Air and Moonlight (video)

At  ‘Dupé’, “All our products are untouched by man and captured straight from the source. When you choose Dupé, you’re choosing the most fresh and organic money can buy.” Would you buy bottles organic air or a jar of positive thoughts? Or rather, are you buying this clever marketing gimmick? 

This is actually a marketing gimmick from Australian water-supplying company Yarra Valley Water.  The products and pop-up shop shows how ridiculous buying bottled water is, by comparing it to purchasing other natural resources that are freely available—encouraging patrons to use and drink tap water instead. 

According to the company in the video description: “You can get 6,000 glasses of tap water for the same cost as a bottle of water.” 



NYC Is Getting HEVO Power (video)

By early 2014, NYC will be geared up with HEVO Power electric car charging stations. Instead of plug in spots that look like mini-gas station pumps, HEVO is a wireless charging device that looks just like manhole covers. 

Hevo CEO and Founder Jeremy McCool says that the idea to hide his wireless EV charges as manhole covers came to him while walking down the streets of NYC. He said:

"I was walking down the street, pondering how wireless charging could be deployed. I was standing at 116th and Broadway, and I was looking down and saw a manhole cover. And thought, that’s the ticket. There are no cords, no hazards. Everything can be underneath the manhole cover."

See how it works here:

Hoping to see this come to fruition in 2014! Less smog is a good thing!



Gigs.2.Go - Eco-Friendly Flash Drives To Go

Gigs.2.Go, designed by BOLT Group is a credit card sized set of 4 flash drives that are made of molded paper pulp that you can tear and share. It's lightweight, eco-friendly and can fit in your wallet. 

“This concept was inspired by our designers frequently running into problems sharing presentation and CAD files with clients. Because clients often have firewalls, or might not be tech savvy, cloud sharing isn’t always the best option,” he [designer, Kurt Rampton] explains.

Data, tech, eco-friendly, portable, easy, simple design...this is a win with us! 


Hey Cali Friends, It's Coastal Clean Up Time...With Very Well Designed Graphics

Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It's this giant swirling mass of debris floating in the Pacific ocean two times the size of Texas. It's not getting any smaller, only larger as litter from beaches are washed into the water and garbage is dumped into the ocean. To help curb the cost of this severe pollution that is killing our Earth, this Saturday is the big California Coastal Clean Up Day. And to promote this, they have a really well designed campaign was creative was made on a freelance pro-bono basis by Art Director Greg Coffin, Copywriter Mike Brenner with assistance from CD Ron Lim of ATTIK (creative team source).

And part of the campaign is "Let's Make Trash Extinct". They creatively depict the types of trash that are littered around our beaches. And in their facebook page, they release pics of each "species of garbage" and give you a brief description. 

In 2012, over 65,000 volunteers removed almost 770,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from California's beaches, lakes, and waterways. 

If the visuals don't get you, I hope the "do-good" factor does. So all you Cali people, see you on the beach this Saturday!

For more info about volunteering, visit California Coastal Commission.


Ocean Roomba

Image Credit /

You have to read it to believe it. Remarkable. Ingenious 19-year-old Develops Plan to Clean up Oceans in 5 Years.

[Via True Activist and Apoplectic Skeptic]


The Disappearing Package

Sustainability is a huge global topic. We are running out of space due to waste and in the process we are forever altering the state of nature and the environment. Recycling is one big step towards lessening our carbon footprint, but what if we eliminate packaging waste all together? The Disappearing Package is a Masters Thesis Project by Pratt Institute student Aaron Mickelson

"Every year, we throw away a ton of packaging waste (actually, over 70 million tons). It makes up the single largest percentage of trash in our landfills (beating out industrial waste, electronics, food… everything). Figures released by the EPA indicate this problem is getting worse every year.

As a package designer (and grad student—meaning I know everything and can solve every problem, naturally), I was concerned about where this trend is going. Of course, many talented designers working in the field have made great efforts over the past few years to reduce the amount of packaging that goes onto a product. However, for my Masters Thesis, I asked the question: Can we eliminate that waste entirely?"

Here is one of Aaron's brilliant examples of how to eliminate packaging waste. 


To see his other ideas, please visit Disappearing Package


Growing Green

Spring is finally here after a long winter here on the East Coast. To get my garden ready, I went to Home Depot and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of "green" products available. This is really the first year that I have noticed such a big increase of shelf space devoted to "eco", "pet-friendly", "safe", "non-toxic" and "natural" in the garden section. This is just a sample of what I found...

Garden Media Group has a great piece on 2013-14 trends that is a great read on the trend towards gardening and going "green". This is defintely a trend we sill see growing - no pun intended. Hey, if you garden, grow green! 



The Next Wave In Soda Packaging: Aluminum Bottles

It's a fact that a lot of people drink a lot of sodas. I mean soda out of a can or a plastic bottle. The two biggest manufacturers are Pepsi Co and Coca-Cola. Personally, I think soda out of a glass bottle tastes best, followed by the aluminum can, but a plastic bottle makes it much more convenient with a twist on/off top. In the past few years, I have begun to see an integration of the two - but unfortunately I've only noticed it used for limited edition products or used more widely overseas. 

First, there's the green factor:

Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, can take years to decompose in the ocean and can stay in landfills for hundreds of years. Plant-based hydro-biodegradable plastic aka polylactic acid (PLA), a plastic made from corn, decomposes into water and carbon dioxide in 47 to 90 days -- four times faster than a PET-based bag floating in the ocean. However, an aluminum can can be recycled and back in the market in 6 weeks. So recycle folks! 


Love the taste of a cold soda in a can or glass bottle but how often do you wish you could re-cap what you have left and save it for later? Put it right back into the fridge, cooler or even in your bag. It won't go flat and it will keep the drink fresher longer. 

Look and Feel

It just looks so much cooler than a can! Taking the original glass bottle design and modernizing it for more efficient recycling is "throwback cool with a conscience". It's sleek, modern and oh yeah, everything else mentioned above. 

The Takeaway

I think we will be seeing more aluminum bottles in the market. But RECYCLE! And let's utilize that design space for some great eye-catching graphics.