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Edible Masterpieces 

In a clever effort to fundraise for UK museums and galleries, Art Fund has created a campaign that encourages art and food lovers to create literally, "Edible Masterpieces" and host parties to create, share and fundraise for the love of art. Check out some of the recipes they provide. Pretty impressive if you can pull it off. 

In my case, this would look like Epic Pinterest Fails.


Taking Retro Gaming Too Far On The Road

Ok, this is all out nerdy Friday. I love a good retro game when it's actually a game on a console or arcade machine. But this is just too much. I can't take anymore retro game rip-offs. If I see a grown adult over the age of, uh 5, with this, I may have to gawk and laugh. 

And it's really available. This is no joke. This is the Travel Boy Carry On Luggage.

$70 and available here. But really, think twice before impulse purchasing this lugagge of laughter. 



What Your Coffee Says About You

Hmm, I'm an espresso, latte and iced coffee combo. Where does your coffee choice say about you?


Dad Draws On Kids Sandwich Bag Everyday Since 2008...

and has it documented on Flickr! Talk about Dad of the year. Oh, dad's also a graphic designer. What will he do when the kid graduates? 

(via Collossal)



Happiness, In Motion

Happiness is...

What makes you happy? Tweet us @brandeffervesce and we'll share the happiness!  

Happiness from Bran Dougherty-Johnson on Vimeo.


This project for Electric Projected was a site-specific projection in Beacon, NY based on the artwork in Electric Windows (2010).