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The Best American Infographics (video)

The Best American Infographics captures the finest examples from the past year, including the ten best interactive infographics, of this mesmerizing new way of seeing and understanding our world.

And guess who wrote the intro? David Byrne! David Byrne has actually created a few of his own hand drawn infographics in a book called Arboretum

The rise of infographics across virtually all print and electronic media—from a striking breakdown of classic cocktails to a graphic tracking 200 influential moments that changed the world to visually arresting depictions of Twitter traffic—reveals patterns in our lives and our world in fresh and surprising ways. In the era of big data, where information moves faster than ever, infographics provide us with quick, often influential bursts of art and knowledge—on the environment, politics, social issues, health, sports, arts and culture, and more—to digest, to tweet, to share, to go viral.



Track Your Burger Joint Popularity By Twitter Mentions

Tip: Do a clear all and then pick your places. 


Wind Map

This dang thing is so beautiful I could just stare at it all day long. Eat tortilla chips and stare at it all day long. This is a "don't miss" site link to check.

via the remarkable folks at


Infographic Of The Day: The Blessing And Curse Of Being A Millennial

Fast Co. introduced this infographic by Online Graduate Programs today. Here at Toniq, we've been entrenched in the Millennial generation and it seems as though the whole world is talking about us. Yup, I'm guilty of being part of the "tech-savy, sharing-obsessed and independent" bunch of rascles (resulting in being the Millennial representative in the office!) 

While everyone has their own theory on putting us in a box we just don't want to check, this infrographic does a good job at summing up the data...I especially enjoy the use of the word "OUR"...the "we" generation is making its mark. 





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