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BMW M5, "Bullet": Fast Car + Slow Footage = Incredible Beauty (video)

This is the beauty that happens when you pair the world's fastest car with super-slow-motion bullet footage. Not to mention the amazing works of art the high speed car is able to cruise through. I'm not the "too fast, too furious" type, but the imagery and footage here is too spectacular not to share. 


Trend Growth: Aston Martin Also Goes 2-Wheels (video)

A few weeks ago we Blipped a trend where luxury auto makers are turning to 2-wheels. Well, here is another example...Aston Martin is releasing a limited edition bike as part of the One-77 collection. How limited? Only 77 are being produced!

Teaming up with Factor Bikes, the high-end road racing bike company, the One-77 is made not for the novice rider – billed as the ‘world’s most technologically advanced bicycle’.

The carbon frame is super-durable and lightweight, it also has 21-speed Shimano Dura-Ace gears, front and rear LED lights, and it is equipped with a touchscreen computer that lets cyclists see 100 performance measures- speed, altitude, rate of ascent, leg power, and acceleration are among the advanced stats available.

By the way, if you want one, orders will start being taken in July 2012 and will set you back about $40,000.

via PSFK


Trend: Luxury Cars Taking to 2-Wheels

Is it me or is every luxury car company coming out with a bike? We love the idea since it supports healthier living and a healthier planet...but the price tags are still for the luxury car consumer, and there's no leasing on these luxe 2-wheelers. 



Porsche has the RS and R models. The RS is a carbon body frame with 29" wheels and 20 gears. The R model is a "top speed" model made of aluminium.  Maybe you can't afford a Porsche, but now you can just dish out $7,820 for the 2 wheel version. 



Audi has 3 versions, a duo Road, duo Sport, and duo City. Audi 2-wheelers range from a cool $6530 - $7460. 

 And Audi is also releasing a Hybrid e-Bike this year.  The prototype of an electric-powered bike that can be also used as a regular pedal bike will make it's showcase debut in Carinthia, Austria next week. The Wörthersee e-bike will be presented in action including stunts. It is made of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer and weighs 24lbs equipped with a lithium-ion battery and touchscreen to switch between 3 different modes, ultimately reaching 50mph.



In the new 2012 catalog, the new and improved bike debuts with 29" wheels. The prestigious Mercedes-Benz Bike Selection 2012 also includes a fully sprung mountain bike, a robust trekking bike for everyday comfort and a high-end carbon racing bike. This is not confirmed, but I think the price ranges from $3700-$7000. 

Lexus X Merckx

Lexus isn't letting this bike trend go either. They are currently working with Merckx to create the ultimate time trial bike. Lexus is going with full-performance. Still under development, I predict the price to run in the high 5 to 6 digits. 


I'm sure there are a few more that I have missed, from Bentley to BMW, but for now, this is evidence of a trend that is gaining momentum, Luxury Branded Bikes.  We'll keep following this and posting, so keep checking in!


Autostadt CarTower: A VW Vending Machine, Pretty Much

If you think vending machines are awesome...Wolfsburg, Germany, home to Volkswagen might be one of the coolest places on Earth...for mechanical and auto lovers. There are 2 glass high-rise garages which hold 400 new cars each before they are delivered to the showroom or customer.

The inside works like a vending machine. 2 fully automated mobile units move up and down a central lift picking up the cars that needs to be delivered or delivering new ones that need to be stored. The cool thing is, if you visit, you can actually ride in a panaoramic glass lift that takes you around the internal tower of cars.  You pretty much get a first hand experience and view of how the cars are being stowed and removed. 

There are tons of videos on Youtube of the inner workings of this genius parking and storage station. Here's a nice short clip...some of the others are quite long. 

I believe the Autostadt was built for the Expo 2000. Because of the unique architecture and gallery of Volkswagen, Bentley, Škoda, Audi and SEAT, they still get over 2 million visitors a year. However, I think the TurmFahrt, the CarTower Discovery, is one of the biggest draws. The Autostadt is definitely going on the places to visit list next time I venture to Germany.

Take a virtual tour of Autostadt here: Autostadt


CES: Health and Auto?

We all know that Health and Wellness technology has been blipping on the radar for quite some time. Now integrate that technology to your driving experience and that is exactly what Ford in collaboration with Microsoft is working on "The car that cares". This future car will integrate and support the driver's health while in the car and integrate the information to mobile healthcare systems. After all, most Americans spend a good amount of hours in a car each some cities, commuters may spend more time in their cars than in their home. 

With the WellDoc Application and Sync, the future Ford car can remind a diabetic to take check their insulin or take your blood pressure and keep track of your stress levels. 

(photo from iQ and for more informaiton, please check their blog post)

It has also just been released that Ford is opening a R&D labin Silicon Valley. "Slated to open in the first quarter of 2012, it reckons the center will help "prepare [Ford] for the next 100 years" as it scouts out new technologies and partnerships with local startups and universities alike." (engadget

For more information and some quite scary statistics on American health, please visit: Ford Collaborates with Microsoft via Digital Health Summit

We believe that the mobile health and wellness technology trend is only going to grow. Consumers are going to embrace the application and there will be more integration into other parts of our everyday driving.


No More Flat Tires! 

Finally, no more flats! 

Wisconsin-based Resilient Technologies, a company that develops "advanced mobility products," makes something these mazing tires for motor vehicles: The Non-Pneumatic Tire.



Beer Goggles! See what happens...

This is an incredible interactive video that shows you reality vs. beer goggles on a night out! Roll your mouse over the video to see the beer goggle version of what's going on in the night.  This is created by Bocca Copenhagen for Movia, a Danish bus company that runs late night for club goers and drinkers. Funny, amazing, scary and so true!

For the full experience: CLICK HERE


Boardwalk Empire Vintage Trains in NYC

Talk about experiential marketing! This is a pretty impressive campaign from HBO for Boardwalk Empire. Throughout the month of September, a vintage 1920s subway train will run along the 2/3 express line in New York City on weekends, ending on September 25 with the show’s premiere. 

If you get the chance to catch this, let us know what you think! Tweet us @brandeffervesce, facebook us or leave a comment here!