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Oppan Chicken-Style

Our very own Kyla is in this season's issue of Better Homes and Gardens Flea Market Style, featuring her chicken collection! Get your copy today! Or tomorrow!


Blips Roundup Is Out...Get Inspired! 


Furniture Design At Its Greatest: The Fletcher Capstan Table (video)

I fist saw this table almost 10 years ago and it still amazes me. I go back to this every time I need a little inspiration. 

Designed by Fletcher Burwell-Taylor Ltd. this is one of the coolest tables ever. 

These custom tables range from $50,000-$70,000 and can be used on yachts. Incredible! If I only had a yacht...or $70K to blow on a table...


Finnish Passport Is A Flip Book! (video)

Love it when governments incorporate some fun into their design! 

(via PSFK)


Nick Cave's Amazing Installation At Grand Central Terminal NYC

If you haven't already caught Nick Cave's incredible installation at Grand Central Terminal in New York City this week, you better hurry.



In a groundbreaking installation and performance piece by internationally acclaimed artist Nick Cave, thirty colorful “horses” will periodically break into movement. Choreographed uniquely for Grand Central Terminal, this is Cave's first public project in New York City. Co-presented by MTA Arts for Transit and Creative Time. Image: Travis Magee.

Exhibit hours 9am-8pm. Daily performances will take place at 11am and 2pm. 


Super Mega Mega Toaster (video)

Awesomely delicious! 

Super Mega Mega Toaster from Scott van Haastrecht on Vimeo.


Tilda Swinton Sleeping At The MoMa

"The Maybe" is Tilda Swinton sleeping randomly in a glass box at the MoMa. This is performance art? Regardless, she is bad-ass and hey, why not go and take a peek at her snoozing if you're in NY. 

NY DailyNews

"The Maybe" was originally staged by Swinton in 1995, at the Serpentine Gallery in London, in collaboration with the artist Cornelia Parker. Swinton later staged it in Rome and Paris, without Parker.

MoMA Chief Curator at Large Klaus Biesenbach revealed to us that discussions for bringing "The Maybe" to the MoMA started when Swinton was working on another museum project. Back in 2005, she started filming her scenes for the MoMA-Creative Time film installation, Doug Aitken's sleepwalkers, which involved eight films projected on the MoMA's exterior walls (it premiered in 2007). Biesenbach said, "We were sitting in a trailer... and we talked about 'The Maybe,'" and he mentioned to her that the museum wanted to bring back "historic" performance art." The Gothamist

It's unsure how long this will go on for or what days she appears. I guess you should just check in at  Moma or twitter to see if she's snoozing. 

This only happens in this crazy thing called "performace art"!


FieldCandy...Put A Little Style, Design & Personality On Your Tent

Spring is officially here, although it still feels like winter in New York. But it's time to start planning those spring and summer camping trips. Stand out from the campgrounds. Be bold. Be different. Make sure you make a statement in the wild. Well, here's your chance with these awesome tents by FieldCandy. There's something for every camper here...seriously! 

Put a little tech back in nature with MACHINE. 

Get scary with FIELD MONSTERS

Ah, how romantic as you are fighting the bear off. GET A ROOM

Who's camping here? BY THE LIGHT OF THE FIRE

Trying to stay incognito. ANIMAL FARM

By the way, everything you need to set up your high-performance tent comes packed in a convenient bag. 

"FieldCandy is an exciting design-led brand of tents. We are here to inject colour, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs. We aim to delight our customers and excite anyone who sees our products.

FieldCandy tents are fun. But they’re serious too. They keep you as dry in the rain and as snug in a gale as any conventional high performance tent. And because we use a good old-fashioned cotton inner tent, you don’t get the condensation that comes as standard with most modern tents."

Check out FieldCandy for more designs and limited edition series by several artists.