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Method: Clean Happy (video)

Method is really the first household brand that brought regular everyday households to rethink the chemicals used in their cleaning. Seventh Generation has done the same but has remained a crunchy, granola eating kind of feel. Method, on the other hand, has proven that natural and clean can be fun, quirky, well designed and have a personality that fits almost any home. Check out this brand video they just released on Facebook. Love! 

(via BrandChannel)

Eric Ryan, Method's co-founder, tells theTimes that the brand's challenge is two-fold: Method needs to emphasize the fact that it is a "high aesthetic" brand without being stodgy, yet highlight its quirkiness without seeming odd. "Heavy users love the brand," says Ryan. "It's as if you found out Skittles are good for you." Ryan's concern, however, is that "a lot of people still don't know about us... It takes a long time to build a consumer product brand."

The "Clean Happy" campaign is designed to grow the brand's awareness by capitalizing on its quirkiness while making it clear that the product line does its job. Tommy Means, a partner at Mekanism, the agency that created the new campaign, tells the Times, "We're embracing the mission of creating a safe household environment and keeping this brand a little bit weird, a little bit off."

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