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Seventh Generation - Leading the cardboard pack!

USA today first announced back in March that the maker of non-toxic household cleaners, Seventh Genration, was soon to be rolling out this innovative new cardboard jug that uses 66% less plastic than regular detergent jugs. It's contains a plastic pouch inside that is filled with ultra-concentrated detergent for 66 loads of laundry. The smaller size of the overall comtainer makes it more manageable to use as well. When you are done, you can take out the plastic and crush the carton to recycle with the rest of your paper goods. 

Read the USA Today article here:


And today, Fast Company, has a nice piece speaking with the designer Julie Corbett, the founder and CEO of Ecologic Brands. 

Read the Fast Co article here: Fast Company 


Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of this on shelves everywhere. The possibilities are limitless with this advancement in packaging. It would be great if the internal plastic pouch was refillable! 

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